Beautiful PrimaDonna panties in a large selection

Whether you prefer traditional Tai panties, a pair of string panties, hipsters, a pair of maxi panties, a low-waisted or high-waisted model, you can find a multitude of panties from the Belgian underwear brand here at Fashion Fifteen.

We are always the leader in PrimaDonna panties, which means you can find the perfect match for you and your favorite bra. Whether you are into lace, feminine details, patterns or a pair of more classic panties, you can certainly find one or more pairs of panties that suit your style and body shape.

PrimaDonna panties with good comfort and perfect fit

As good as PrimaDonna is at making bras, they are just as good at making panties that sit well on every woman's bottom. There is nothing to crawl up and get in the way, and you are always guaranteed a pair of briefs where comfort and fit are paramount and are the two most important elements throughout the design process. In addition, the choice of materials is also something that is highly valued by the renowned brand. This means that your PrimaDonna knickers hold up wash after wash, while maintaining the snug fit that keeps your shapes in place.

If you want a pair of panties that go up over your stomach, PrimaDonna has many models that you will definitely like. Their g-strings are always wider in the side compared to models from other brands. In addition, they also make the popular luxury thong panties, which are a favorite of many women, as they are a mixture of a g-string and a hipster. The model is super nice with lace both front and back, and in addition, it creates no visible edges when you wear it under your clothes - and it just sits perfectly on any feminine rear.  

Large online selection of PrimaDonna panties

PrimaDonna panties are a fantastic combination of elegant design and feminine details, and there is a sea of different models, so it is possible to find a pair to suit any style and different occasions. Whether you are into a pair of Tai panties with lace, sexy g-string panties, elegant maxi panties or the sensual luxury string panties from PrimaDonna, you can always find a large selection of the many panty models on this page, where we have collected all models from the popular brand.
PrimaDonna follows the trends of the time within the fashion world, and this is also reflected in their many panties.

At Fashion Fifteen, we are always first with the latest models, so you can always find both the well-known models in new colors as well as completely new models that suit the second lingerie of the season.  

Find your favorite panties from PrimaDonna here at Fashion Fifteen

Panties are not just panties. There is a big difference in which knickers you wear, as quality, fit and comfort play an important role in making you feel good inside. By choosing PrimaDonna panties, you always get a pair that is produced in delicious quality materials and that makes you feel sexy, seductive and cheekily dressed to a great extent.

If you are looking for a pair of knickers that feel comfortable to wear all day and that sit perfectly on your bottom, then PrimaDonna is a purchase you will never regret.
At Fashion Fifteen, we have made it easy for you to find the pair of PrimaDonna knickers that you will feel good in, as we have collected the entire large range in one place - namely here on the site. You therefore do not need to look elsewhere when you are looking for a pair of panties that match your bra or a pair of panties that you can combine with lingerie that you already have in your underwear drawer.

Find your favorite panties from PrimaDonna here. We deliver directly to your home within a few working days, so you can use your new purchases before long.