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Find your new favorites for the wardrobe among our large selection of Custommade dresses, tops, trousers, shirts, jackets, blouses, skirts, etc. here at and get dressed in timeless design from the Danish fashion brand.
Custommade is particularly characterized by the stylish Nordic expression, and is designed based on their motto "easy to wear - easy to love". The collections from the Danish fashion brand are aimed at the fashionable, stylish and classic woman who values quality and classic items instead of the constantly changing trends that are often seen with many other brands.

For Custommade, it is important to create fashion clothes that are both casual and uncomplicated, but which at the same time have an expression with a strong attitude. All clothes that Custommade produces are timeless classics and designed based on the idea that they should be usable season after season and thereby fit in with the next season's colors and trends.

Classic and timeless design from Custommade

The Danish brand has created a loyalty to its customers, as they time and again create high-quality and timeless styles that many women love to wear. Their tendency is not to follow the latest trends but to create clothes for stylish women who value fashion and quality.

Although the clothes from Custommade are classic and timeless, they are far from boring. The brand's designs are created in colorful prints and with beautiful details that you won't tire of. You can therefore own and enjoy a style from Custommade for many seasons, both because the quality is top notch and because their styles are both timeless and classic, and can therefore easily be worn again and again season after season.

Festive items from Custommade

When it comes to fashion, Custommade has a very special approach. For them, it is important that it is easy and convenient to be able to wear items that, in terms of quality and cut, are reminiscent of tailor-made clothes, but at prices that most people can afford. The clothes exude elegance and the combination of timeless fits and elegant details, which characterizes Custommade clothes, is unmistakable.

If you are looking for a festive outfit for an upcoming event, you will find many festive items from Custommade on this page. The Danish fashion brand designs many beautiful dresses and elegant skirts, which can easily be styled for the upcoming festive event that you are going to.

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Quality clothes from Custommade at affordable prices

Are you one of the many women who love the feeling of quality and who can tell when extra attention has been paid to the details? Then Custommade is for you.

With a strong focus on beautiful textiles and uncompromising quality at reasonable prices, Custommade clothing gives you the opportunity to feel comfortable, regardless of what you choose from the successful brand. It should be easy to feel comfortable while at the same time feeling smartly dressed, regardless of whether you are going to a friend's house, to work or to a festive event.

If you as a consumer value quality over quantity, then Custommade is the brand for you. Every time you wear items from the Danish brand, you will feel the feeling that you are dressed in the highest quality, where serious thought has been given to how it feels to wear the clothes.

Custommade sale

In our Custommade sale, you can always find current sale finds that you can treat yourself to. We continuously update our range with Custommade news, and this will benefit you when you need to make room in our warehouse. Even if you find Custommade on offer, you get the same good quality that you already know from the Danish brand.

In our sale, you can get your hands on delicious, modern and sophisticated fashion clothes for women at sharp prices. And you can find Custommade clothes in many different shades. Everything from feminine tops in different colors and soft knitwear to shirts and dresses in the finest quality.

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