Neo Noir is high quality and feminine cut. It is high fashion clothing with focus on delicious materials. The brand has a wide selection with everything from nice everyday clothes to exclusive party clothes.

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If it has to be smart, beautiful and feminine with an edge - then it has to be Neo Noir. This Danish brand offers everything from sweet nostalgia to stylish outfits and raw design with edge and daring. Neo Noir is everything the heart could desire in terms of delights for both everyday life and parties. Pure luxury for those who want quality and high-end fashion at reasonable prices. Perfect for every occasion and with a multitude of smart combination options. Here you will find, among other things:

Neo Noir Jackets
Neo Noir Jackets
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Irresistible designs from Neo Noir

At we are quite impressed by this Danish designer's exclusive styles. A delicious mix of gentle and soft materials mixed with stylish motifs and both raw and fresh color combinations. It is the focus on the small details that makes all the difference.
Here we are dealing with a designer who dares to cross the line when it comes to high-end fashion clothing of the highest quality. The price is fair and the many styles are simply irresistible.

A wealth of combination possibilities from Neo Noir

There is nothing like a designer who manages to create styles that can be used for all occasions. Fashion clothes from Neo Noir can do just that and much more. The many beautiful and stylish styles give you the opportunity to combine all over the place.

Modern classic colors in a beautiful combination with the beautiful motifs and fresh prints give you a basic wardrobe that is superior in terms of style and quality. Stylish, practical, raw or feminine – you get all the options here, and it can almost be difficult to choose.

Exclusive for everyday and parties

Should it be a stylish Neo Noir skirt, a beautiful and light Neo Noir dress or perhaps something completely different? Make every day a little more exciting, a little more exclusive and a little smarter with delights from this brand.
Mix and match or create a basic wardrobe with classic styles and a wardrobe reserved for festive occasions. Among the most sought-after products from this popular designer, you will find exclusive styles such as:

  • Stylish and trendy Neo Noir trouser suit

  • Classic and timeless Neo Noir blazer

  • Feminine and casual Neo Noir trousers
Regardless of whether your everyday life offers a feminine jumpsuit, a classy Neo Noir jacket or other exciting designs, there is no doubt that the day will be a little more complete with the crème de la crème from this unique Danish designer. Neo Noir clothes can undoubtedly make a big difference to your wardrobe – party or not.

Neo Noir: When you want to look like a million

Skirts that make you look and feel like a millionaire. Neo Noir blouse that matches the high heels or smart sneakers. Stylish trousers that just have to be owned.
This brand is known for being a trendsetter. Don't be surprised by the possibility of encountering daring Neo Noir leopard designs or fresh Neo Noir glitter designs when you look through the collections. There is something new in each collection, so you can feel beautifully dressed in Danish design.

Fur and lace

When you discover the many exciting designs and are looking for something really special, do not cheat yourself to check out this cool designer for feminine, stylish designs with Neo Noir lace or Neo Noir lace, as these styles have also been called through the ages.
Throughout the ages, the collections have spoiled us with delicious Neo Noir fur. Neo Noir fake fur jackets or Neo Noir faux fur, as they are also called, have also been on the menu. Let yourself be surprised by this exciting designer.

Exclusive Neo Noir designs at reasonable prices

The small details and the stylish styles testify to that extent of pure luxury - even if the price is worth paying. The quality is top notch, but with an eye to spreading the trendy styles, the price is set so that everyone can participate. The vision of this popular designer is, among other things:

  1. Creating quality clothes for young women – that can be paid for

  2. Creating exclusive styles – that match everyday life as well as festive occasions

If anyone, this designer has managed to enchant the Danish fashion world, and we understand why - here at We're a little enchanted ourselves by all these exclusive designs.

Neo Noir focuses on quality

Neo Noir has a vision that is not only about the production of beautiful styles with a multitude of combination possibilities, but to the highest degree also that there must be a focus on the high quality. All designs from this exciting brand feature:

  • Carefully selected materials

  • A wealth of small fine and feminine details

  • Production and processing with a focus on good quality

Neo Noir is here to stay – a brand that has taken off to such an extent with young girls and women with a sense of beautiful details and trendy styles. Neo Noir is also a designer who entices with the composition of styles. It could be the slightly raw Neo Noir army combined with beautiful feminine lace.

Get the perfect look with Neo Noir

It is almost regardless of how you choose to combine the many exciting styles from this wonderful Danish designer, you will end up with the perfect look. There is no doubt that the feminine in the many styles has increased the popularity. Here you get beautiful clothes with a feminine cut that at the same time allow you to be both cool and timelessly dressed.
Everyday or party - if you strive for a look that is to that extent admirable, then you have got hold of the right designer. These are admirable styles. It's quality. And then it is quite simply styles that emphasize the female figure in the most beautiful way.

Show them all the women you are with smart and fashionable clothes from this unique designer.

Neo Noir is for the fashion conscious

If you are interested in fashion, then you must have this designer in your wardrobe. Season after season and year after year, you will continually enjoy wearing these unique styles. With Neo Noir white feminine style, the outfit becomes light and playful. With Neo Noir red style, the outfit is filled with color and freshness. Fashionable clothes for young girls and women with the right cut, the most delicious materials and with quality that is far superior to the humble prices. It is high end fashion and Danish fashion at its best.

Feminine hitter among the young

At we experience great demand for precisely these super feminine designs. The beautiful gentle patterns and the always classic styles are to that extent a hit. Neo Noir flower pattern i.a. is festive and stylish at the same time. No matter what time of year, these beautiful designs have their right - the exclusive and the festive - the versatile and the classic - always with beautiful feminine cuts.
Beautiful for a summer evening, perfect for everyday life, enchanting for festive occasions - Neo Noir can do it all.

Always a finger on the pulse

One of the reasons why this Danish manufacturer and designer experiences such great popularity is, among other things, their ability to always adapt and readjust if there are new trends in the times. Daring styles in a beautiful combination with the always classic look that is also characteristic of this exciting designer.
Neo Noir always has its finger on the pulse and can therefore, collection after collection, deliver some of the most sought-after styles among young girls and women with a penchant for exclusive design.

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