Large selection of PrimaDonna bras

PrimaDonna bras are many women's preferred choice of underwear, and for good reason. In addition to the good support and perfect fit, the models are often decorated with beautiful lace, feminine details or multicolored fabrics, which make the bras extra exclusive.

Find your favorite bra from PrimaDonna on this page or take a look at one of the many new models from the renowned brand. Whichever model you choose, your bosom will love you for it.

Exclusive bras from PrimaDonna

Since 1865, PrimaDonna has made it a tireless passion to make bras for women with full breasts. Since then, their mission has been to design luxury bras for women in an exclusive and feminine design and offer a size for any bust that needs a little extra support. You can therefore find a multitude of models, which go from a B-cup up to a K-cup.

PrimaDonna is not just bras for women with large breasts. It is also exclusive and beautiful, while having a fit that gives the bust fantastic support and comfort. Regardless of which model of the many PrimaDonna bras you choose, you get a bra that is produced to perfection and down to the smallest detail, which is something you can both see and feel when you wear it.

PrimaDonna bras for the full bust

PrimaDonna bras are the perfect choice for you with a full and beautiful bust. The popular lingerie gives both your bust a nice lift and a better posture. The Belgian brand, which was founded in 1865, is the preferred choice of many women when they want to treat themselves to a new bra. With PrimaDonna, you are always guaranteed luxury, which provides well-being deep down, while also making you feel sexy and seductive, no matter what the day brings.

PrimaDonna bras are exclusive and designed to give your bust the right support. The materials on the bras are made in soft qualities, the straps are wide and durable and together they create a fantastic comfort that your bosom will love. When you put on a bra from PrimaDonna, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable closest to your body.

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We are always first with the latest models of PrimaDonna bras, which can be used for everything from a very ordinary everyday life to a more festive event. You can therefore always find a bra that fits exactly your wishes and needs.

Find your favorite bra from the new PrimaDonna collection on this page or treat yourself to one of the many well-known classics in a nice new color that suits the season. If you are more in need of a black or white PrimaDonna bra that you can use for almost anything, you will of course also find a sea of different models in the more neutral colours.

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