With us you will find a large selection of skins and leather from all the major fashion brands, such as Gestuz, Munthe, Denim Hunter, In Wear, Nümph and Soaked in Luxury.

In recent years, fur has really made a big comeback, and is now seen both used for beautiful jackets, skirts, trousers and even leggings. Leather gives you many options, and helps to add a raw and elegant expression to your style and outfit.

You can use leather in many contexts, especially now that leather leggings and leather pants have begun to dominate the Danish fashion scene.

Here at FashionFifteen.dk you will find a wide range of beautiful leather products, in many different colors and models, all with the commonality that they are made of the best quality and with the best comfort.

Skin and leather

Skin no longer belongs only to bags, purses and nice warm gloves. Today, leather and fur are seen in many products, such as trousers, skirts, dresses and tight-fitting leggings. Many women love leather, whether it's a nice leather bag, a raw leather jacket or a pair of nice exclusive leather trousers.

Here at FashionFifteen.dk, we have collected a large selection of different styles, which are made in the most delicious soft leather types. All have a comfortable fit and sit comfortably on the body.

Beautiful leather jackets in high quality at FashionFifteen.dk

The leather jacket is a timeless classic which has been a favorite among many modern women for many years. A leather jacket is versatile and can be used for almost anything, but also for most occasions and even almost all year round.

In other words, you will never get rid of your leather jacket. Among other things, you can use it as a nice transitional jacket when the weather changes. But you can also easily use it inside, just like you use your cardigan or blazer.  The leather jacket gives you an exclusive look, and if you choose one with a classic cut, you can use it to emphasize your classic and feminine style.

Beautiful modern leather leggings

In recent years, leather leggings have become a very popular part of the fashionable and trendy wardrobe. At Fashion Fifteen, we can also understand that, because leather leggings are both soft and delightfully comfortable to wear.

Most leather leggings are made with an elastic band or a single zip at the waist, which means they sit comfortably on the body.

It is easy to style your leather leggings, for example, wear them with a nice shirt and a nice knit, or use them with a feminine top and a smart cardigan. With a pair of leather leggings, you are guaranteed an exclusive look with an edge, which you can easily use for both everyday life and parties.

Leather skirts give an exclusive and elegant stylish look

A skirt is a super smart way to create a stylish look. With the different skirts in genuine leather, you can easily combine your elegant look, with both an edge and a nice style. Style your new leather skirt with a nice t-shirt and a pair of cool sneakers, and you have an elegant and stylish everyday look. If you want to use the leather skirt for a night out, you can wear it together with a nice shirt and a pair of high stilettos.