Part Two is inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition with their classic, feminine and casual look. Through their collections, they reflect an active and positive lifestyle focusing on timeless, high-quality designs.


Are you into feminine and stylish styles, så is Part Two a brand you will love. Rarely do you meet stylish and elegant designs with a relaxed look. Here you can see feminine and beautiful designs in the highest quality. The modern designs are a beautiful mix of elegance, active look and casual look. Choose, among other things between:

Popular dresses, jeans that fit perfectly and blouses that just fit; owned – this is and remains a designer who, to that extent, has his right in the Danish fashion world. You will love to gå on discovery in the many interesting collections.

We have of course found the absolute best Part Two styles for you at the absolute best prices here at

Feminine luxury

Part Two is known for its feminine styles and here you will find jewelery that is perfect for both everyday life and parties. All the details are covered, including; you can wear styles that both exude class and personality, feel great to wear; and is produced in a quality that lasts. Part Two focuses on:

  • Styles with high comfort that match the needs of the active and stylish young woman

  • Quality and good workmanship, which gives you modern clothes that last for everyday life and parties

  • Simple, beautiful and feminine designs

Here you get feminine luxury at its best. Regardless of whether you choose Part Two clothes for practical everyday use, or you want to impress, such as; here you get clothes that last wash after wash.

Part Two: Tops for everyday and parties

The interesting styles are perfect for both everyday life and parties. It gives you a multitude of combination options - whether you mix jeans with shirts, skirts with tops or you grab a dress with a cardigan. The beauty of this designer is the timeless design – you are always trendy dressed in with Part Two.

The popular Part Two dresses

No party without a Part Two dress. Here you have plenty of opportunity to be pampered with the most beautiful prints and the most feminine styles. Here you can find beautiful details such as:

  • Feminine dresses with all-over print and detailed sleeves

  • Feminine dresses with slits and interesting color combinations

You can quickly get admiring glances at these beautiful creations. The soft quality and the perfect fit make the whole look perfect for festive occasions, a summer day or a day at work. shopping. Elegant, timeless and feminine dressed on; - you will quickly become one with one of these beautiful designs.

Casual jeans and t-shirts from Part Two

Does it need to be relaxed and yet cool, especially; you should without a doubt jump into a pair of the always beautiful Part Two jeans. Here you get designs that just sit exactly as they should. Are you totally into casual style, så combine with beautiful Part Two t-shirts in a variety of beautiful motifs with either simple or fresh color combinations.

The look is cool and yet relaxed with all the best from this interesting; nding Danish designer who alsoå offers Part Two trousers in both soft and stretchy designs.

Interesting motifs and prints 

Your everyday life can quickly become a little more interesting and not least colorful with fashionable Danish design from this innovative manufacturer. Tops and t-shirts are dotted with beautiful motifs in a multitude of impressive color combinations. Contrast your wardrobe with a:

  • Part Two blouse with beautiful motifs

  • Part Two top in a multitude of prints and color combinations

This innovative designer has, with the many interesting styles, also; impressed with both leather and lace. Between the many interesting tops and blouses, you have been able to fall in love with elegant lace-clad and extremely feminine tops throughout the ages. The collections have offered på:

  • Lets be styled in a cool look

  • Blonde styles in a feminine look

Alsoå there has been standing on; The menu and Part Two leather trousers have to that extent been a hit with young women, together with the always soft and elegant leather skirts.

Matching jackets also have found your way to the collections and should you get want to brighten up the look a bit, so it also stands on a host of smart clothes from this impressive brand.

Basic wardrobe with both stylish and casual

With Part Two, you are dealing with a designer who makes it easy for you to fill up both the basic wardrobe and the party wardrobe with beautiful and elegant designs.

The many interesting styles give you a multitude of combination options and every chance to choose between both stylish and casual looks.

The designers behind this popular brand have been inspired and designed with a view to; to create:

  • The simple Scandinavian design

  • Classic and old styles

  • Feminine and modern designs

Here you can combine the many beautiful expressions for the perfect everyday outfit or a festive wardrobe that always looks stylish and of the highest quality. The elegant designs show that you have thought carefully about what you wear and have chosen fashionable clothes made with good quality hair.

 Part Two: When you want to look like a million

It's almost hard not to look fantastic in the beautiful styles from Part Two. Do you want to look and feel like a millionaire? a smart blouse from this designer or a Part Two skirt is the obvious choice. Top it all off with an elegant and feminine Part Two cardigan loose over the shoulders, and your look is complete.

Do you want to be business-like and exude seriousness and a modern look, Then call; a Part Two shirt is a must-have in beautiful combination with a Part Two blazer.

Part Two jackets for all seasons

Do you want to be elegant, unique; is a Part Two jacket perfect for outdoor use. In particular, the popular Part Two down jacket has been a hit with young women season after season and with beautiful Part Two knits underneath, such as; you may be tempted to leave the jacket standing; åleg, soå you can really show how fashionably you are dressed.

This interesting designer naturally also has; other to offer than beautiful jackets. The collections have over time alsoå tempted by the beautiful Part Two poncho and light and airy Part Two coat.

 Designfilosofien bag Part Two

As mentioned, the Scandinavian and feminine style is the focal point behind the design philosophy at Part Two. Recognizability has been thought about in the simple, beautiful and feminine design. The motto is clear:

  •  ”To be dedicated to the present and remain loyal to the past”

The old and modern styles have characterized collections since the early beginnings back in 1986, when this brand was established.

With a humble start in Copenhagen må this brand is now said to be extremely well-founded in the Danish fashion world a full 30 years later, but also 30 years of experience richer – experience that will enrich, enchant and enchant both you and your wardrobe with beautiful and fashionable styles.

 Part Two Sale

At you will find the hottest trends in the Danish fashion world. Here you will also find a host of beautiful Part Two offers. You can get our styles at always favorable prices, without any extra effort. compromise with quality.

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