At you will find lots of exciting, stylish and not least beautiful Sofie Schnoor clothes. The range offers beautiful and colorful designs as well as the more classic and timeless. The pampering is great and the quality high when you fall in love with the many exciting variants within:

Trousers • Shirts • Blouses • Sweaters • T-shirts • Tops • Skirts • Dresses • Shorts • Jackets
Hoodies • Cardigans • Knit • Jumpsuits • Kimonos • Slippers • Hair Ornaments • Boots
The pampering is great and the quality high when you fall in love with the many exciting varieties within:

Pants • Shirts • Blouses • Sweaters • T-shirts • Tops • Skirts • Dresses • Shorts • Jackets
Hoodies • Cardigans • Knitwear • Jumpsuits • Kimonos • Slippers • Hair accessories • Boots

Treat yourself to a delicious Sofie Schnoor jacket or perhaps a smart jumpsuit. Get a handle on accessories with the right hair ornament or shop for a cozy and cool hoodie that can be used for both everyday and Sunday fun.
We not only offer lots of cool and fashionable, but also cheap Sofie Schnoor clothes. Here you will also find delicious booties in many exciting variants. There are high-level delights to be had with this popular brand that is definitely here to stay.

T-shirts, tops and trousers with international star quality

When the brand Sofie Schnoor arose back in 2001, it was not from scratch. The designer behind it was brought up in the fashion industry with his parents as strong role models in everything that concerned trade fairs, fashion shows, retail and the trends of the time.

The popularity quickly took off, and today this brand is known for not only the trendy hot Sofie Schnoor T-shirt, the sophisticated Sofie Schnoor pants in a cool design and the fashion-forward Sofie Schnoor kimono, but also a host of other designs for both women and children.

  • Danish design with great international demand among young girls and women

A multitude of tops have also taken young girls and women by storm – not only in Denmark, but in more than 600 stores around the world. Sofie Schnoor has become a well-known star in the big fashion sky, and this brand can definitely take your wardrobe to new heights.

Trendy with skirt or Sofie Schnoor dress

You're just a little more trendy when you wear this unique brand. The many exciting designs can also be found as both dresses and not least the popular Sofie Schnoor skirt.

  • High end fashion for women at its best

Get your dress cool, casual, feminine or exclusive in its look. This brand definitely belongs to high end fashion – a brand that you can wear with pride and, not least, high comfort. It is designed with comfortable materials, soft seams and a nice fit.

Stylish Sofie Schnoor booties

Pamper the wardrobe and not least yourself with a beautiful jacket or perhaps some of the extremely popular boots from this exciting brand. There is always a burst of surprising elements and yet this designer manages to create styles that can be used again and again.

  • Mix and match tops, bottoms and boots for the look that suits you best

Boots are perfect for both everyday life and parties. It all depends on your styling. A pair of cool trousers, an adorable blouse and a pair of boots and you get a Scandinavian look with an edge. Combine your boots with a feminine skirt and a stylish shirt and you will be business-like in your appearance. Cozy hoodie, velor trousers and boots give you a relaxed look while signaling fashion awareness.

Only the imagination sets limits when you mix and match tops and bottoms as well as fashionable footwear from this well-known Danish designer.

Cool Sofie Schnoor sandal

Should it be cool and casual, a pair of sandals or slippers from this exciting brand is the perfect solution. Sofie Schnoor sandals are a hit with young girls and women of all ages. They are both trendy, soft, comfortable and, not least, with a nice fit. Pamper your feet with treats from this always cool brand.

  1. Ergonomic and comfortable footwear

  2. Stylish elegance disguised in practical design

Shopping for shoes and footwear from this exciting brand is anything but boring. Color combinations, choice of materials and, not least, design have always hit the spot when it comes to the trends of the time.  
Again, your styling is crucial to what you want to radiate. A pair of stylish trousers and a shirt together with slippers gives an elegant yet relaxed style. A colorful T-shirt combined with slippers and a feminine skirt gives you a sweet and adorable look.

Find your own style and not least your own favorites among the many exciting designs from this brand. You will find these styles at always favorable prices here at

Sofie Schnoor sale

Although we flash terms like high end fashion and international star quality about this popular brand, you can safely look forward to wonderful offers on Sofie Schnoor clothing and footwear. We have reduced the prices, but never the quality. We also always offer delicious service when you shop with us:

  1. Day-to-day delivery

  2. Free delivery to a parcel shop near you

  3. Payment by card or mobilepay

  4. Free exchange when ordering the wrong size

  5. Full 365 day right of return

The pampering is great, the quality high and the prices attractive when you shop at We give you the best from the Danish and international fashion world.

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