Hunkøn is a Danish, sustainable brand that creates fashion with edge and beautiful colors for women. The unique brand represents a colorful universe that you can style in a multitude of different ways, and you can choose to tone it down or up depending on your mood. Hunkøn's mission is to design fashion clothes for women that are not only trendy for a single season, but can instead become part of your favorites for a long time.

Danish fashion clothes with attitude

Hunkøn is a Danish fashion brand from Copenhagen. The style is a mix of sculptural Japanese style and Scandinavian minimalism. Behind the brand are the two trendsetting women Anne Schøler and Trine Keseric. The two power women met during their education at Teko, and soon they found a partnership in the fashion industry. A business case that should turn out to be very good. Both women are exuberant themselves and therefore they also create colorful clothes for women with power and attitudes.

The adventure started back in 2015 in a basement in Copenhagen, and later Hunkøn was named "one of the most interesting and bravest Fashion Brands in the Nordics". Hunkøn has managed to create beautiful and unique items that work well if you want to stand out a bit. Here, then, we are talking about Fashion, which is created and created for women - also women with shapes and odd fits. With Hunkøn you can find styles that suit most people.

Female - design in beautiful eye-catching colors

At Hunkøn, colors and prints are all the rage. This does not mean that all items are in bright colors or neon shades, but on the contrary, they are beautiful colors that generally take up a lot of space at the Danish brand. The clothes are a wonderful mix of complex prints in beautiful shades made in a simple cut that every woman can wear and feel comfortable in.

When you choose Female gender, it is by no means accidental that colors are added to your wardrobe. The colors help to emphasize the energy of your day and your mood - and actually also how you want to appear to others.

With Hunkøn, it is easy to exude personality and power. Regardless of whether you choose to jump in it from head to toe or simply use a single style from the brand as part of your outfit, the day is off to a good start and ready for high speed and good mood.

Create your own personal style with clothes from Hunkøn

You may know the feeling that you have found a piece of clothing that just feels right. When your friend or colleague subsequently wears the same style, it's not quite the same anymore, and it suddenly feels a little bit less exclusive and special. You don't get this feeling when you choose one or more of the beautiful styles from Hunkøn.

The Danish brand has set a limit on how many similar products are produced by each. You are thus guaranteed to meet a minimum of people wearing the same dress, trousers, skirt, shirt or blouse that you are wearing. The female gender is very aware of the feeling of exclusivity it gives when you have found a nice piece of clothing that you feel comfortable in.

The essence of Hunkøn is also to remind all women that you should not just go with the flow, but instead create your own personal style and pursue your dreams.

Buy female online here at Fashion Fifteen

At Fashion Fifteen, we are proud to be a female retailer. We love the brand's selection of colorful and patterned styles, which come in the most delicious materials, stylish cuts and in a quality that lasts. We are therefore pleased that we can offer you a large selection of clothing from Hunkøn here at the shop.

At Fashion Fifteen, we always guarantee good prices and not least good service to all our customers. This also means, among other things, that we send your goods as soon as possible, so that you can use your new Hunkøn items as soon as possible. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about Hunkøn or any of our other products.