The vest has been an indispensable component for many seasons. Now designers really have developed it with finesse and detail, it is more in than ever. The vests are feminine with a width and length. Easy to combine with contemporary cool jeans, men's trousers and a must-have blazer. The focus is on the back such as twists, lace and T-back. Sumptuous silk materials, metallic lurex, drapings and palietter characterizes summer beauty and usable vests.

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The only limit is your imagination when you need to find a top for your basic wardrobe in many exciting variations. We have tops to match every occasion, every season and every mood. Be happy in the cover over fresh colors, feel cool with classic or trendy with prints. We dress you with all the best for festive occasions, sporty events or the many everyday tasks.

Let yourself be surprised by delicacies you have never dreamed of from both Danish and international designers in our large assortment. We offer both exclusive and cheap tops - always of the highest quality at low prices here at

Beautiful, feminine, exclusive, cool or sporty?

When it comes to tops for women and girls, shopping with us is never boring. We provide you with all imaginable variants, both in terms of colors, materials and shapes. Are you looking for cool party tops, classic black tops, white tops or perhaps prints or lace?

  • Girls' and ladies' tops in many exciting variants

Dress up in a trendy, interesting or perhaps downright seductive look and match shoes, jacket, trousers or skirt to highlight your very personal style. Maybe you're in the mood for a sporty look or prefer it casual - we give you a world of possibilities. We give you the opportunity to let your very own personal style shine through.

Simple, colorful or blonde?

Over the years, the range has offered every imaginable colour, material and shape. If you are looking for yellow tops, green tops, red tops or perhaps blue, look forward to an exciting range. We give you plenty of opportunity to match both a simple and timeless style with simple colors or to add color to life with colorful designs in all imaginable variants.

  1. Classic designs for timeless and simple colors

  2. Trendy designs in the season's hottest colours, patterns and prints

  3. A multitude of exciting materials, designs and shapes with e.g. lace

Here you will usually also find a large selection of lace tops for both everyday life and parties. Indulge yourself with soft lace in beautiful varieties that go perfectly under both a denim jacket, a blazer, a shirt or a knit.

High quality and nice fit

The creme de la creme has been decided for those of you who want high quality at reasonable prices. We have provided designs that sit comfortably on the body and almost feel like a dream - especially with the soft and always comfortable lace. Look forward to both fresh, feminine and beautiful designs with a focus on:

  • High quality materials

  • Designs with great color fidelity

  • Soft stitching and seams

  • Nice fit and high comfort

The pampering will never end with delights from our exciting range and no basic wardrobe without a top in many fun variants. It is an absolute must-have for you who are fashion-conscious and appreciate a nice look.

Popular brands from home and abroad

We spoil you not only with smart designs, but also with the hottest brands on the market - both Danish and international designers.

Here you will find brands that always have their finger on the pulse. We offer you a string of delicacies from popular brands such as:

  • Love & Divine

  • Gestuz

  • Ichi

  • Karen By Simonsen

  • Neo Noir

  • Mos Mosh

  • Soaked in Luxury

  • Lolly's Laundry

  • Sofie Schnoor

The selection is large, and it can be difficult to settle. Fortunately, you always find great prices here at, so you can always shop around and make your wardrobe completely up-to-date with the hottest of the hottest.

A top is just perfect with a skirt, jeans, chinos or leggings. Find your favorite color or several and meet all seasons well-dressed with the trendiest designs from Danish and international fashion designers.

Top sales

You will not only find fantastic prices and beautiful designs when you shop at You can also look forward to the best top offers.

We spoil you with delights from head to toe and are also happy to tempt you with lingerie, swimwear, jeans, jackets, blouses and accessories. Here you also get:

  1. Free shipping on your order

  2. Day-to-day delivery to a parcel shop near you

  3. 365 day right of return on your purchase

We stock all our popular brands so we can ensure fast dispatch of your order. If you have purchased the wrong size, we will be happy to exchange it for the correct size completely free of charge. - we make it a little easier to shop for the hottest brands from both Denmark and abroad online.