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We take feminine lingerie to new heights here at and pamper with both bras, panties and lingerie sets.

Although we offer cheap lingerie, we have in no way compromised on quality. Here you will only find the hottest brands and a focus on high comfort.

Perfect fit with high quality

High quality is a matter of course when you shop for underwear and other fashion clothing with us. We have provided the best of the best and not least professional brands that know that high quality pays off. Here you will find designs with a focus on:

  1. Carefully selected materials with good fit

  2. Soft and comfortable seams and stitching

  3. Great color fidelity

  4. High comfort

Pampering is guaranteed for both body and soul with always high-quality delicacies. When it needs to sit comfortably, when it needs to look like a million, when it needs to be affordable, then is the perfect place to shop.

Classic or cheeky and seductive

The selection is large, and there is definitely something for all the women you are. Maybe you are into classic designs with always popular black lingerie or maybe you are more into white lingerie? Get it fresh and colorful too with a multitude of exciting lace details, patterns, prints and designs.

  • Beautiful underwear for every occasion - women's underwear in a nice design

Here you can find both casual for everyday, but certainly also sexy lingerie. Find your very own style and pamper yourself and your wardrobe with delights from the most popular brands - of course at attractive prices here at We also tempt with plus size lingerie.

Push-up, minimizer or shapewear

Lingerie can be both beautiful, seductive and, not least, exquisite - but it can also be extremely functional. We offer an exciting range with great functionality.

If you want to minimize, push up or shape your body, lingerie from is the perfect choice. We have found the creme de la creme of designs for you who love:

  1. Push-up – gives the impression of larger breasts

  2. Minimizes – gives the impression of smaller breasts

  3. Shapewear – tightens, supports, reduces or pushes up, supports, enlarges optically

Shapewear has become the new breed in beautiful underwear for ladies. Here, you can shape your bust, thighs, waist and rear as much as possible with the smart and innovative shapewear lingerie.

Here you will also find collections that have offered bras through the ages with delights such as cross back, strapless design, lightly lined cups, lace piece under the bust, small flowers, fine bows and wonderful color combinations.

Panties, tai, G-string or hipster

The range is not only full of beautiful lace, colors and materials – it is also full of exciting shapes. This also applies to the choice of panties, which offer both high-waisted, low-waisted, shorts style and g-string.

Choose a panty that matches your outfit, your shapes and not least your wishes for a nice fit. Today, the right panties are almost cool. Find your favorite and be smartly dressed from the inside out with all the best from, which also tempts with a large and exciting assortment of blouses, jeans, tops, sweaters, dresses, skirts, shoes and beautiful accessories such as watches and jewelry.

Hot with hot brands

It has never been so easy to be hot with the hottest brands. We give you some of the fashion world's absolute stars in the design and production of beautiful underwear with and without lace. Special class pampering is guaranteed with popular Danish and international brands such as:

  • Calvin Klein

  • Missya

  • Chantelle

  • The family

  • Freya

  • Triumph

  • Marie Jo

  • Sloggi

  • Prima Donna

  • Neo Noir

  • Tommy Hilfiger

Treat yourself to delicious Marie Jo lingerie, Triumph lingerie, Primadonna lingerie or other of our hot brands. No doubt you deserve it!

Lingerie sale

Find the best lingerie offers here at We have not only provided delicious designs - we have also provided delicious prices.
You can also look forward to fast delivery and always good service when you shop with us. We have made sure that it is always easy to shop fashionably online here with us:

  1. Day-to-day delivery

  2. Delivery to a parcel shop near you

  3. Payment by card or mobilepay

  4. Free shipping

  5. Free exchange of wrong size

You are also welcome to use our popular customer service, who are ready to help you find the right size, a specific design or answer questions about your order.

You can reach us in customer service Monday-Friday on tel. 97 41 04 15 between 9.00 and 15.00. We look forward to helping you find delights from the great world of fashion.