Gestuz supplies clothing for the modern and fashion conscious woman. Each season, they offer an exciting and sophisticated collection with great emphasis on the quality and the unexpected details.

Gestuz cat-walk show

Gestuz is unique Danish fashion for you who like feminine clothes with exciting details and lots of delicious color combinations and patterns. May your clothes be a bit daring, yet feminine and elegant, then you will love this innovative designer. Gestuz clothing offers, among other things on exciting designs within:

Gestuz pantsuits
Gestuz jackets
Gestuz knit
Gestuz tops
Gestuz offers and always favorable prices, so that you and your wardrobe can be completely up-to-date with beautiful Danish fashion.

Gestuz: Clothes you just have to own

Clothes from Gestuz are the clothes you just have to own. Here you get classic looks in new guises. Emphasis is placed on good contemporary trends in beautiful combination with classic designs. Here you also get designs with a multitude of surprises – surprises that can be almost completely irresistible.

Perfect for everyday use

The basic wardrobe becomes a little more stylish with beautiful designs from this always exciting designer. The perfect offer for everything you need for the basic wardrobe will undoubtedly include, among other things:

Gestuz trousers in an elegant classic look
Gestuz skirt in feminine design
Gestuz knit with colorful prints

With the basic wardrobe under control, it is easy to add the last feminine details such as exciting shoes and boots from this unique Danish designer.

Beautiful Gestuz shoes and boots

The basic wardrobe will love to be joined by one or more pairs of the popular Gestuz boots and shoes. Here you will find smart, classic and beautiful designs in both boots and shoes that match both basic wardrobe and festive occasions.

Let your outfit become absolutely perfect with beautiful creations for the feet from this exciting brand - contemporary, timeless and admirable are the words that characterize the designs from this popular Danish brand.

Casual og cool

Everything in your wardrobe doesn't have to be admirable - it can also just be cosy, such as a Gestuz T-shirt with smart embroidery or prints or perhaps a Gestuz knit in warm and comfortable materials. Add a pair of casual jeans from this designer and you'll get a relaxed and cool look that's also extremely comfortable.

No party without Gestuz

If it is festive occasions that entice with impressive fashion options, then you must not cheat yourself of delicacies such as:
Gestuz pantsuits
Gestuz leather jackets

Leather on from head to toe or in a smart combination with a light and feminine blouse - it can be almost difficult to choose. Regardless, this creative designer offers a wealth of possibilities for fresh compositions, sophisticated looks and plenty of high quality – always with a feminine touch.

Feminine swimwear

A trip to the beach can quickly become a little more stylish with delicious swimwear from this innovative designer. Both Gestuz bikini and Gestuz swimsuit surprise and spoil at the same time. It is a beautiful design and materials, where both comfort and functionality go into a higher unity. Both beachwear and jeans just get a little fatter as a whole when combined with a nice kimono. A Gestuz kimono is also the finishing touch to any outfit. Packed with delicious prints, beautiful colors and great details – it's the crème de la crème of Danish fashion.

The quality is top notch

When you buy fashion clothes from this unique manufacturer, you always get the highest quality. Every detail is taken care of and both stitching and choice of materials are made with an eye to quality, comfort and fit.

Keeps the color wash after wash

The many exciting creations from this Danish designer are packed with colors and more colors. The high quality of the selected materials and the high quality of the prints and motifs give you fashion clothes that keep their color wash after wash.

The designer behind

Behind Gestuz is the Danish designer Sanne Sehested, who created this exciting brand back in 2008. Starting from her own clothing style and wardrobe, she wanted to create the ever-popular rock'n'roll style, but the collections have since moved into more sophisticated and elegant looks. Recognized and loved in Denmark as well as abroad, we saw here that to do with a designer who has managed to impress his fan base throughout the ages - this i.a. with the many daring designs.

Daring designs

In each collection from this innovative designer, you will find lots of designs that have their own style. They are daring, they are exciting and not least impressive.

The different designs usually have a common identity in their expression and here you will find:

  • Fashion for the diverse young woman

  • Fashion clothes for the brave, the energetic and the self-confident young woman

  • Fashion clothes for the woman who would rather be cool in the street scene than the unattainable fashion icon

These are the words of the designer himself and the demand speaks its own language. The many daring designs match both everyday life and parties, and they are definitely not boring.

Gestuz sale

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We have provided the most trendy and fashionable Danish designs at always favorable prices - this even without compromising on quality. The designer loves to surprise with unexpected details - you will certainly find them in the many delicious styles from Gestuz.

Right to return your purchase

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