Soaked in Luxury strives to give a unique sense of luxury and offer women a young, smart and modern style. Soaked in Luxury's success lies in the ability to design unique and modern styles at attractive prices.

If it is to be feminine and fashionable, but in an unpretentious and yet attractive way, then Soaked in Luxury is the obvious choice. You will enjoy every second wearing beautiful styles from this popular Danish brand. A multitude of beautiful details, exciting materials and, not least, high quality at attractive prices have helped make this brand extremely popular. Choose i.a. between:

Soaked in Luxury blazer
Soaked in Luxury blouse
Soaked in Luxury jumpsuits
Soaked in Luxury dress
Soaked in Luxury Skirts
Soaked in Luxury tops

We have found the most exciting and irresistible feminine designs for you from this always innovative brand. Designs in beautiful materials and a multitude of colors and patterns are the icing on the cake in any wardrobe. And then you also get Soaked in Luxury at always attractive prices here at

Soaked in luxury: For you who love luxury

There is nothing like treating yourself and your wardrobe to real luxury. With Soaked in Luxury you will find luxury that everyone can afford. The extraordinarily delicious details and the beautiful materials, together with the always trendy designs, form a true gem within Danish fashion at its best.

You get the completely unique feeling of luxury when you wear up-to-date and trendy styles from this exciting brand.

Unique styles from Soaked in Luxury

The many collections offer always unique styles. It is designed for the confident young woman who has a strong personality and is not afraid to show it. Still, the style is unpretentious and feminine.

If you want to show your own unique style, an exciting choice is a Soaked in Luxury jumpsuit. A Soaked in Luxury trouser suit or jumpsuit is suitably eye-catching and depending on how feminine or casual you want to look in your appearance, the choice can either be a pair of simple sneakers or a pair of feminine boots.

Attractive prices

If you think it's too good to be true when you look at the many luxurious designs from this brand, just believe your eyes - here you get luxury, beautiful trendy designs and quality materials at attractive prices. It is part of the brand's philosophy that great fashion clothes are for everyone, and the price level tries to match this philosophy.

Young, smart and modern style from Soaked in Luxury

The philosophy behind these popular designs is also to provide women with trendy designs in a young, smart and modern style. Emphasis is placed on high quality and on:

  • Design with a simple and unpretentious look

  • Design in an attractive look with feminine details

With a choice of beautiful styles from Soaked in Luxury, your wardrobe will be both cool and casual at the same time with just the right feeling of luxury. Here you get ample opportunity to create your own completely personal style – to emphasize your very own look with your clothing fashion.

The style does not go unnoticed and has also gained great popularity among young women in particular. If you want to join the cool wave of delicious luxurious design, then you must be Soaked in Luxury.

Cool blouse

The young style is easy to spot among the many beautiful and cool blouses. A Soaked in Luxury blouse is usually characterized by an extremely inviting and smart print or motif. These blouses almost exude life and youth, and the colors are not sparse in the many exciting designs either. Here you will find e.g. designs like:

  • Blouses with beautiful pleats

  • Blouses with detailed frills

  • Blouses with stylish and functional frills

  • Blouses with exciting necklines

Your day will be exciting, stylish and not least fashionable with delicious styles from the trendy brand Soaked in Luxury.

Nice shirts from Soaked in Luxury

Today, shirts can be used for virtually all occasions. Add a stylish blazer, a cool leather jacket or a soft Soaked in Luxury cardigan or perhaps an adorable Soaked in Luxury skirt and you can shape your expression exactly as you wish. Here you will find beautiful shirts in both classic colors and innovative prints. Find your shirts in exciting designs, shapes and lengths. You will also find shirt dresses that are extremely elegant for both everyday life and parties.

T-shirts with beautiful prints

Your basic wardrobe is not complete without one or more smart t-shirts from this brand. It is the creme de la creme of young and hip fashion. A Soaked in Luxury t-shirt offers exciting statements, bold prints and motifs that simply must be owned. Let your t-shirt set the style for the rest of the day with a pair of cool jeans, a pair of worn sneakers and a cool Soaked in Luxury jacket.

Trousers in trendy designs from Soaked in Luxury

Innovative trousers, colorful trousers, cool trousers or classic trousers - Soaked in Luxury trousers have it all. It can be almost impossible to choose, but one thing is certain: Fashionable trousers for the young woman have never been more exciting than with this wonderful brand. Here you will find through the ages, among others

  • Trousers in casual fit in brushed material filled with beautiful prints

  • Trousers in soft and stretchy crepe material with straight fit in classic colours

  • Pants with high waist, regular or low waist with different leg lengths and widths

Trousers from Soaked in Luxury are anything but boring. Beautify your day and your wardrobe with delights from this exciting brand. Top it off with a smart, warm and functional Soaked in Luxury coat and your style will be complete.

Smart and soft knit

If it is to be cosy, then it must be Soaked in Luxury knitwear. Beautiful colours, soft shapes and, as always, quality that lasts. Here you will find lots of styles that can match your day, regardless of whether it should be stylish, feminine, relaxed or practical. Add a soft and comfortable Soaked in Luxury top underneath and the comfort is just as it should be.

Luxurious Soaked in Luxury dresses

If you want to feel beautiful, feminine and attractive, a Soaked in Luxury dress can easily help you on your way. The many exciting styles are both incredibly beautiful in their shapes and, with a multitude of fine and nuanced details, have exactly the luxury needed to make a dress almost unforgettable. Throughout the ages, the collections have, among other things, bid on:

  1. Dresses with beautiful pleats in just the right places to emphasize the feminine

  2. Dresses with a multitude of details on e.g. sleeves and necklines

  3. Dresses with exciting lengths, shapes and material choices

Among the exciting material choices that Soaked in Luxury has offered, mention can be made of shiny pleated material, leaf-shaped lace, velor material in a slightly draped look, etc. It will never be boring when you wear a delicious and luxurious dress from this brand. Add a stylish Soaked in Luxury blazer and a pair of stilettos and your look will be perfect.

Delicious accessories

It is not just fashion clothing from this exciting brand that has found its way to the Danish young fashion-conscious woman – a large and exciting selection of accessories has also found its way to the hearts of the young women. Here you have, among other things, could find Soaked in Luxury bag and Soaked in Luxury scarf among the many delicious styles.

The collections have also offered something for the fickle Danish summer weather - namely the smart and stylish Soaked in Luxury rain jacket. From inside to outside, these collections have managed to impress and pamper their fans season after season.

Soaked in Luxury sale has found the very best Soaked in Luxury offers for you together with always good prices on this brand as well as our other popular Danish brands. Here you will find Danish fashion at attractive prices in a multitude of irresistible designs.

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