There is something for young girls and women of all ages, something for every occasion and not least something for every wallet. Treat yourself to treats from hot brands – you definitely deserve it!

You can also look forward to a unique selection of fashion clothes and fashion shoes when you shop at We have collected all the best for you in one place, so you can easily shop loose and spruce up your basic wardrobe in no time here with us. Fast delivery, attractive prices and high quality are a matter of course when you shop with us.

Cheap jewelry – High quality

If you are looking for something other than, for example, Christina jewelery or Georg Jensen jewellery, then you can start looking forward to an exciting selection of the always hot and not least stylish:

  • Dyrberg/Kern

Here you get delicious quality at reasonable prices and at the same time trendy designs that can take your look to completely new heights. Both elegant, eye-catching, discreet, classic and trendy designs have been judged, so there is something for every taste and not least something for every occasion.

Earrings, finger rings, bracelets and necklaces

Your choice of jewelry says a lot about your personal style. If you want to spice up an outfit, add extra jewellery. If you want to tone down an outfit, save a little on the jewellery. However, as a rule, a woman can never have too many pieces of jewelery – there must be something to choose from for every occasion. The assortment usually offers:

  1. Classic jewelery in timeless design

  2. Trendy jewelery using the season's hottest trends

Get it feminine and discreet or maybe wild and daring. You can mix and match across the board, put together both silver and gold looks with fresh colors on the clothes and smart shoes. We give you the opportunity to do it all when you shop at

Become business-like with an elegant bracelet, simple earrings and a stylish necklace or adorable and feminine with sweet thin finger rings, a simple necklace with pendants, or try bohemian style with large finger rings, lots of bracelets and the really big earrings - you set the style and adds color to today's outfit. It can hardly get any better.

Designer jewellery

Dyrberg/Kern is here to stay. Here, for example, we offer a brand of designer jewelery that knows its stuff. Here you will find something for all styles, regardless of whether you are into the feminine, the raw, the sophisticated or the fashionable.

If you want to spice up your outfit with the right details and not least accessories, then jewelery is the right choice. Here you can let your personality come to the fore and turn up or down the expression and elegance depending on your choice of jewellery.

Mobilepay and fast delivery

Treat yourself to treats. You definitely deserve it. We have made it easy for you to shop for jewelery online. Buy jewelery at and pay easily and quickly with mobilepay - of course we also ensure fast delivery.

  1. Payment by card or mobilepay

  2. Delivery time 1-2 days to a parcel shop near you

  3. Free delivery throughout Denmark

  4. Full 365 day right of return

  5. Possibility of free exchange when ordering the wrong size

We have made it as easy as possible for you to shop for jewelery online. We've also collected everything you need for both everyday and party wardrobes, so you only need to shop in one place.

Look forward to a multitude of delights from trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, shirts, jumpers, tops, lingerie, jackets, stockings and shoes in so many exciting varieties that it is almost difficult to choose. Fortunately, the range offers attractive prices, so you can just shop around.

Jewelry sale

Look forward to the wildest offers on jewelery here at We make it worth your online visit. Get some bling on your fingers, in your ears or perhaps around your neck - the possibilities are almost unimaginable when you shop like crazy in quality clothes and accessories for women and young girls here with us.

If you have questions about an item, your order or perhaps a size, please contact us. We are ready to help you here in customer service to find exactly the fashion delights that you dream of.

You can contact us on tel. 97 41 04 15 on all weekdays between 9.00 and 15.00.