InWear delivers a strong and feminine style to the modern and urban woman. The design is high quality with great fit and details.

InWear clothes are for you who love Danish fashion with beautiful feminine styles. Complete details, urban style and a modern look characterize the collections, which are particularly popular with women with a penchant for strong designs. High quality and good fit are the hallmarks of this brand. Choose i.a. between:

Pants • Blouses • Shirts • Dresses • T-shirts • Tops • Skirts • Knitwear • Jackets

Here at, we have selected the best designs for you from this exciting brand, and of course you get them at always favorable prices.

Look forward to an exciting universe of beautiful styles, exciting motifs and exquisite quality from the wonderful brand InWear.

Cool shirts from InWear

The popular Danish InWear has managed to create cool designs that are also both stylish and feminine. An InWear shirt is perfect for both street look, festive occasions and everyday's many changing outfits. Here you will find:

  • Classic shirts in light cotton and regular or boxy fit

  • Trendy shirts with colorful prints and lots of fine details

Shirts complete your wardrobe, whether you're into cute or an urban look. A pair of cool jeans and a trendy shirt take your urban look to a whole new level. Pamper yourself and your fashion style with delights in both fresh and classic designs from InWear. The small details make all the difference, and here you will find, among other things:

  1. Decorative and functional chest pockets

  2. Trendy and graceful slits

  3. Detailed edges

  4. Straight or regular fit

  5. Matching trim

Match your shirt with a nice InWear blazer for a stylish and feminine look or throw a cardigan over your shoulder for a more casual style.

Trousers in trendy designs

You will never have a dull day with designs from InWear. The many smart and comfortable InWear trousers offer a multitude of differences. The collections have, among other things, offer the popular InWear Nica trousers, leather trousers and trousers with print. From the classic to the urban look, from casual to adorable. It can be almost impossible to choose between:

  • Pants with slim fit, stretchy materials or regular

  • Trousers with high, regular or low waist

  • Trousers with or without cropped leg length

Small details such as pleats, belt straps, flared legs and elastic waist are just some of the small subtleties that characterize trousers from the various InWear collections.

Find your very own style and combine these pants in an always trendy design with colorful and cool tops and t-shirts from this exciting brand.

T-shirts and tops you just have to own

For everyday life and parties, InWear is the absolutely perfect choice for your wardrobe. The many delicious tops in both street look and classic designs all focus on feminine details. An InWear top is perfect for a hot summer day or adorable and feminine under a shirt or cardigan. You will find tops from this brand in a multitude of beautiful colors - with or without motifs.

An InWear t-shirt is a must have for those who love urban style. Cool, casual and adorable at the same time with delights in the form of fresh colours, trendy prints and a fit that is absolutely fantastic. Throughout the ages, the collections have, among other things, bid on:

  • T-shirt with round or v-neck

  • T-shirt in classic colors or with trendy motifs

  • T-shirt with tie-back or regular design

You will find beautiful prints with beautiful statements through the many collections - contemporary and yet timeless, so that your outfit fits your wardrobe years into the future.

Blouses with beautiful motifs

If you want to beautify your wardrobe and your fashion style with a smart InWear blouse, it can be almost impossible to choose between the many beautiful designs. The many beautiful and colorful blouses offer delicious details such as hidden button closures, small pleats in the back, decorative buttons and soft materials.

Here you get beautiful and feminine blouses with an urban look and sense of the high comfort that characterizes blouses that you just love to wear for all occasions. Pure indulgence with design from InWear has been decided with these beautiful and trendy blouses.

Soft knitwear in beautiful colors

InWear gives you a wealth of beautiful designs when it comes to the always popular InWear knitwear and pullovers. Here you will also find InWear cardigans in delicious designs and lots of different colours. Find it in:

  • Soft materials and comfortable fit

  • Classic and timeless designs

  • Trendy style and fresh colors

Whether your day is cozy and casual or stylish and adorable, you will find the perfect match for your wardrobe with always fashionable designs from InWear.

Feminine dress or skirt

Nothing is more beautiful and feminine for a woman than InWear dresses and skirts. This wonderful brand also offers delights for the female form.

Here you can choose between the many beautiful figure-stitched or looser designs. The collections have, among other things, bid on:

  • InWear dress with or without long sleeves

  • InWear dress in classic or fresh color combinations

  • InWear skirt in different lengths

Irrespective of your choice of dress or skirt, it always stands for exciting details and a nice fit. InWear skirts have impressed throughout the ages with many different lengths designed in both fresh and casual colors. There is something for the trendy, casual or urban style and of course for the business look. All designs focus on the feminine look and high quality.

Jackets and coats for all seasons

Collection after collection you will find a jacket for every occasion. There are small subtleties, a nice fit and trendy designs for every season when you choose InWear. Whether you want to be feminine or urban in your look, there is plenty to choose from among the many styles. Choose i.a. between:

  • InWear jacket in delicious soft quality with warm and functional design

  • InWear coat with a focus on the small details, e.g. different lengths

Whether you want to be warmly dressed, practical, smart or cool, you will find everything your heart could desire at this exciting brand.

About InWear

When you shop for InWear clothes, you get decades of experience and a focus on fit as well as smart design and high quality – this brand originated in Copenhagen way back in 1969. Since then, countless collections have been created with a focus on strong designs in a feminine and urban look.

InWear has achieved almost iconic status in the Danish fashion world and can therefore spoil your wardrobe with cool as well as elegant styles. The many completed details allow you to always be dressed in modern and comfortable fashion of the highest quality.

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