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The brand is particularly known for their delicious cotton underwear, where fit and comfort are the focus. When you buy underwear from Sloggi, you are guaranteed products where the soft materials that feel invisible on the skin have been pampered extra.

Although Sloggi is best known for their classic underwear collections, they also do much more than that. Swimwear and finer lingerie for special occasions can also be found among the many products from the renowned brand. Dive into the wide range that you will find on this page and treat yourself to your personal Sloggi favourites.

Sloggi underwear for women

Sloggi is part of the German brand Triumph, which also produces underwear. Sloggi was launched in 1979 and has since successfully created comfortable underwear for women's everyday life and individual needs. In addition, from the start the brand had a special focus on material selection, design and functionality, which is why the first collections were exclusively designed in cotton qualities, where freedom of movement in particular had a high priority. The goal was to create everyday underwear for women that could be bought at affordable prices - a goal that they live up to today based on their slogan "Feel your freedom".

The underwear from Sloggi is super good for everyday use, where you need a comfortable and well-fitting set of underwear that fits the many tasks of the day. Whether you choose swimwear, nightwear or underwear from Sloggi's collections, you are guaranteed a good fit and comfort, which is the hallmark of the many products from the German brand.

Sloggi – part of most women's underwear drawer

Most women know Sloggi, and many also prefer to have one or more parts in their underwear drawer. The design style is more functional and comfortable than it is sexy and seductive, making Sloggi the obvious everyday underwear. With the good quality materials, the underwear is ready to be used around the clock, as the flexible materials give you a freedom of movement that you rarely feel with other underwear brands.

Whether you're looking for an everyday bra, a pair of everyday panties or a matching set of underwear, you'll find it right here. We continuously update our range with new items and collections from the renowned brand, so you have the opportunity to expand your underwear drawer with the latest styles from Sloggi, which match the trends and designs of the time.

Treat yourself with soft and delicious underwear from Sloggi

The good fit that Sloggi is particularly known for is something you have to look for a long time when it comes to underwear. The brand stands for timeless design, where comfort is paramount. Sloggi is the ultimate pampering for you and your body, and with underwear from the well-known brand you will feel comfortable from the inside out.

All collections are thought out down to the smallest detail, so no matter which style you choose, you are guaranteed lingerie that radiates comfort and pleasure. With Sloggi, you can be active without feeling bothered by elastics or other things that stick.

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At Fashion Fifteen we stock the many well-known Sloggi classics as well as new models and collections from the popular brand. So regardless of whether you prefer black and white or more colorful underwear, whether you are looking for a pair of well-fitting panties or a bra with a perfect fit, you will always find here a large selection that suits every woman's shape and personality style.

If you want to treat yourself to new underwear, we have collected the entire large selection of Sloggi in one place - namely on this page, where you will find everything that belongs to the modern woman's underwear drawer - all in the well-known quality materials that your body will love you too.

We deliver directly to your home within a few working days, so you can already start looking forward to using your newly purchased Sloggi products.