Munthe plus Simonsen A/S, the award-winning design company, was founded in 1994 by designers Naja Munthe and Karen Simonsen.  Munthe plus Simonsen is sold in more than 200 shops in 21 different countries.
In February and August Munthe plus Simonsen holds its spectacular annual fashion shows in Denmark, where it presents the latest Munthe plus Simonsen collection.
In the run-up to these shows, our company is involved in a long process in which, among other things, great care is lavished on the individual designs and the many details and aspects, colours and materials that have been specially designed for each collection. Great emphasis is placed on creating new concepts that are distinct from the philosophies of the previous year.

Clothes you will love from MUNTHE

Are you into raw or elegant, street style or Scandinavian colours, full of contrast or perhaps relaxed and festive - you will find all this and much more in the many exciting styles from MUNTHE. Here you get refined designs that meet all the women you are. These are stylish designs of the highest quality from this Danish fashion icon. Here you get, among other things:

Blouses • Pants • Shirts • Skirts • Knitwear • Tops • Jackets • T-shirts • Dresses

MUNTHE: Popular with young women is proud of the exciting collaboration with this great Danish designer within fashionable clothes for young girls and women. We look forward to letting you into the magical MUNTHE universe, which offers one fantastic design after another - regardless of whether it's for everyday life or parties. A brand that is certainly not unknown on the international scene.

Clothes you will love

The Danish fashion world is exciting to a degree that it is almost incomprehensible. The big names in the Danish fashion world count to the very highest degree this exciting brand MUNTHE (formerly munthe plus simonsen), which year after year has realized its value with an ever-increasing popularity. This fashionable fashion clothing in exclusive design and with a focus on the highest quality is especially popular with young girls and women who want a wardrobe full of clothes that are loved right down to the smallest fiber.

It's a hit with the young girls

And that is exactly how most people feel about this brand – it is absolutely impossible not to love these delicious creations for all seasons and all occasions. Among our most popular designs can be e.g. mentioned:

  • MUNTHE dress

  • MUNTHE jacket

  • MUNTHE skirt

  • MUNTHE trousers

Everything the heart can desire for the basic wardrobe and festive occasions and no wardrobe either without a delicious MUNTHE scarf to complete the perfect look.

Always unique details

Irrespective of whether you choose a stylish and refined MUNTHE shirt, a soft and cozy MUNTHE knit or perhaps a cool MUNTHE t-shirt, you can be sure that you will get a design full of always unique details.

Here you get clothes that are all about – clothes that have been loved with careful consideration of even the smallest details. It's pure pampering for both you and your wardrobe.

High end fashion from MUNTHE

If you want to feel beautifully dressed, then there is no doubt that it should be MUNTHE clothes. It is the very best in high end fashion, but in a beautiful and relaxed way that ensures that you are:

  1. Perfectly and stylishly dressed without being overdressed

  2. Casual in your look but in a very cool, artistic and sophisticated way

Here you get some of Denmark's absolute hottest designs with exciting color combinations, cuts and motifs.

Raw and elegant

If you are into the street look, then this designer can certainly do something with his many collections. At, we are absolutely in love with the raw designs in delicious street style, which are also created in a way so that you always manage to look elegant at the same time. It is incredible what these collections offer in terms of combination possibilities, and therefore you will also find styles from MUNTHE perfect for both everyday life and parties.

The perfect wardrobe for everyday and parties

No wardrobe without MUNTHE. Let everyday life and not least your wardrobe become a little more festive with delicious styles from this unique brand.

Here you will find delicacies that are actually completely irresistible, and it can almost be difficult to choose casual when there is now so much deliciousness to show off on a completely ordinary day. It can be almost impossible to choose between:

  • Raw and cool street look

  • Elegant and feminine sophisticated look

  • Artistic, colorful and contrasting look

MUNTHE gives you all the options. Everyday life becomes more fun and the party just a little bit better with designs from this wonderful designer.

The centerpiece of the party

With such fashionable designs in a relaxed and elegant way, it can almost be difficult not to become the center of the party - at least in terms of clothing style.

They are so admirable and special in their appearance, these many exciting styles, that you almost have to expect a certain amount of attention. If nothing else, then a multitude of admiring glances.

Unique designs from MUNTHE

The many delicious styles from MUNTHE are simply unique. Here the focus is on creating something extraordinary in a creative and artistic way with a focus on the small details. The unique designs make anyone who wears them completely unique in their appearance, but in a sophisticated yet casual way.

MUNTHE: When casual is cool

When you wear clothes from this exciting manufacturer, it just feels so relaxed - even though the style is elegant. The clothes are designed by:

  1. With a focus on maximum comfort

  2. With unrivaled fit

Precisely this helps to give the many styles a hint of casual in the cool way. It feels nice to wear. It looks nice and it's also so hot and trendy that it's simply irresistible - regardless of whether it's a cool MUNTHE top or a nice casual MUNTHE blouse.

The popular MUNTHE universe

The designer behind it, Naja Munthe, has if anyone tried to create collections that take you right into a popular and almost magical universe. Needless to say, this designer is so popular with young girls and women. If it has to be in, then it has to be MUNTHE.

A whole 7 annual collections

The creative designs will never end and fortunately for that. If you are in love with the MUNTHE collections, then you can look forward to:

  • 7 annual collections that this designer treats his fans to year after year

  • Easily recognizable high end fashion with unique designs

The many combination options with styles from the different collections make it possible to always put together the most fantastic outfits – regardless of whether it is for everyday life or parties.

The great popularity both at home and abroad, which this exciting designer is experiencing, also means that creativity just flows. It can be seen in many exciting designs. Collection after collection, this brand manages to create styles that you just have to own.

International designer

Here we are dealing with a Danish brand that can boast of a great interest in the many designs from both Denmark and abroad. Not only have some of this designer's top models achieved prestigious awards, but the many delicious styles can also be found on a host of international catwalks and are also often worn by a host of celebrities.

MUNTHE sale gives you the most delicious collections by this unique designer. Keep an eye out for our many exciting MUNTHE offers and look forward to our always good service and fast delivery.

We give you all the best in beautiful and trendy fashion for women from the biggest Danish brands.

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