Large PrimaDonna selection

PrimaDonna is underwear and lingerie for you who do not compromise on design and quality. The brand is most of all known for their super-good fit for women with full shapes and a larger bust, who need support and a perfect fit. At the same time, the feminine expression in the fine lace and colors is highlighted when you choose to wear lingerie from PrimaDonna.

On this page, we have collected the entire large selection from the popular lingerie brand. Whether you're looking for a pair of panties, a new bra or swimwear, you can definitely find one or more pieces that you can quickly be tempted by.

PrimaDonna lingerie for women with feminine shapes

PrimaDonna, which is produced by Belgian Van De Velde, is with their many years of experience in lingerie one of the most experienced in the industry.

PrimaDonna is not just underwear for large-breasted women and women with full shapes. It is also feminine and beautiful, while having a perfect fit and comfort, which provides optimal support for the bust. The underwear is produced with perfection down to the smallest detail, which you will quickly feel as soon as you put it on.

The comfortable and feminine lingerie is made of high-quality materials and in constructions that provide the perfect fit. Here in our large PrimaDonna selection you will find lingerie that suits every occasion. Whether you are going to use it for everyday life or for a party, you will definitely find one or more styles that you will love to wear at all times of the day.

Always innovative and innovative designs

PrimaDonna is the perfect underwear for you who want to have beautiful lingerie without compromising on design and quality, even if you wear a large bra size.

PrimaDonna wants to be innovative and create innovative designs with exquisite materials and great knowledge in lingerie. Work is therefore always being done to develop the products so that they can meet all women's individual wishes and needs for their underwear.

PrimaDonna are excellent designs that are meant to inspire and give women a magical feeling of love when they wear PrimaDonna underwear.

Luxury underwear from popular PrimaDonna

With PrimaDonna you get luxury underwear for the money. Bras, panties and swimwear for women with nice big breasts is what PrimaDonna stands for. The Belgian brand is a leader in design, and their collections are characterized by beautiful bras and panties with fine details and in fantastic quality. The underwear brand has been around since 1865, and their mission since then has been to design luxury underwear with a good fit for women with shapes.

The exclusive underwear is designed especially for women with full breasts, and the soft materials feel super comfortable on the body when you wear it. If you haven't already tried PrimaDonna underwear, you won't regret your first purchase from the renowned brand.

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If you're looking for a new bra, a pair of new panties or a new bikini from PrimaDonna, you've come to the right place. We have collected the entire large selection on this page, so you do not need to look elsewhere if you are looking for new lingerie from the popular brand.

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