My Essential Wardrobe

My Essential Wardrobe

If you are proud of your female forms, then you will get Danish design here, which likes to pay tribute to the different female forms with beautiful feminine designs and an unrivaled fit. This brand has gained great popularity among women both at home and abroad and is therefore also known for its smart outfits of always the highest quality - pure luxury for your wardrobe. Choose i.a. between:

Pants • Blouses • Knitwear • Shirts • Tops • T-shirts • Dresses • Skirts • Jackets

Here at, we look forward to welcoming you into a world of delicious designs, great fits and always favorable prices when it comes to this exciting brand - My Essential Wardrobe.

Highlights the female forms

My Essential Wardrobe is a brand that celebrates the woman for all her possible beautiful forms. That is why you will also find these collections divided into different fits. Here you can enjoy the perfect fit in either:

  1. Costume fit

  2. Curved fit

  3. Free fit

These divisions make it easy for you to choose your size when you shop this wonderful brand online. Here you are sure to find a nice fit and beautiful feminine designs.

Perfect fit

Regardless of your size, you will no doubt be able to find great fashion clothes with just the right fit. Whether it's My Essential Wardrobe Curved fit, Costum or Free, you can enjoy the subtleties in each design model - to that extent the emphasis is on comfort and that the clothes must feel smart and comfortable regardless of your female shape.

Designed in the best quality

As one of the leading fashion designers in both Denmark and large parts of Europe, you will find here a manufacturer who has ensured that the quality is always in order. The focus is on:

  • Perfect fit for maximum comfort

  • Durable materials for great functionality

  • Professional dyeing that keeps the color wash after wash

Beautify your wardrobe with long-lasting Danish fashion clothes – timeless designs, classic designs and trendy designs that you will want to wear again and again.

Jeans that fit perfectly

Through decades of knowledge of the industry and the demands placed on fashion clothing for women, this brand has managed to live up to styles with a perfect fit. Therefore, with the 3 different fits, you will also find jeans that just fit perfectly.

The love for denim can be felt in the many fine details that can be found in the many denim styles and you may have a hard time choosing, as the many styles are almost irresistible. My Essential Wardrobe jeans are a must have in every basic wardrobe.

Beautiful blouses

The many beautiful blouses that you will find in each collection are designed to cover the basic wardrobe as well as festive occasions. A My Essential Wardrobe blouse is often filled with exciting details, beautiful prints or shapes that make your female forms extra beautiful to look at.

This fashion icon celebrates female forms in all variants and with a blouse in a classic or trendy design, you can quickly get a beautiful feminine look.

Exciting shirts

A My Essential Wardrobe shirt is excellent for both everyday life and parties. Pair it with a cool pair of jeans, a cool My Essential Wardrobe blazer, a pair of sneakers or maybe a pair of stilettos depending on what you want to exude and you'll always be well dressed.

You will find a multitude of exciting shirts, and the collections have e.g. tempted with:

  • Classic shirts in timeless design

  • Trendy shirts with exciting motifs and color combinations

Shirts are available in a multitude of shapes, lengths and not least colours. Treat yourself to treats for both everyday life and parties from this cool brand. If necessary, leave the shirt open and flash a nice and feminine My Essential Wardrobe top underneath for an elegant look.

T-shirts with smart prints

If your day is to be a little more stylish, a My Essential Wardrobe t-shirt with a smart print can make all the difference. Here you are treated to statements that provide both a nice and colorful contrast to the basic color of the shirt, but also statements that can be the big topic of conversation of the day.

Peep up your jeans with a cool and casual t-shirt, or let the elegant look with classic trousers and blazer be softened a little with a soft and comfortable t-shirt underneath.

Cool pants

Not only jeans from this brand sit right in the closet – so do the stylish and cool My Essential Wardrobe trousers in a multitude of designs that can also be found in the many exciting collections. Here you have, through the ages, e.g. could come across the popular My Essential Wardrobe knickers. The collections have also offered:

  • Leather trousers in a cool design

  • Culotte pants with various prints

  • Cargo trousers with smart slanted pockets

  • Trousers in a classic look in several color variants

Both jeans and trousers from this cool brand are almost impossible not to love. With My Essential Wardrobe trousers you will find exciting designs that will make you look like a millionaire. You can quickly achieve an admirable look with cool My Essential Wardrobe leather trousers with a pair of stilettos in a fresh colour.

Lovely dresses

If you want to be adorable on a beautiful summer day or if you want to be beautiful at the party, a My Essential Wardrobe dress is an obvious choice. The many exciting designs offer great colours, beautiful patterns and delicious shapes. You will find them in a multitude of exciting materials - including also in knitwear.

Stylish knitting

If you want stylish knitwear, then it must be My Essential Wardrobe knitwear. The many beautiful designs are just so feminine without being too much. You will find elegant and stylish designs in many variants, but you will also find cozy designs that are perfect for a day on the sofa or a walk in the woods. There is a bang for both colors and patterns when you choose delicious knitwear from My Essential Wardrobe.

Delicious jackets for all year round

All year round, your appearance can be absolutely fantastic with beautiful designs in jackets from this exciting brand. Try a My Essential Wardrobe jacket in a cool and not least functional design. Choose from:

  1. Denim jackets in many exciting variants

  2. Jackets in leather and suede in a cool and trendy design

  3. Bomber jackets in warm and functional design

  4. Jackets in a multitude of colors full of fine details

In short, you will find everything you need in coats in many exciting variants. A My Essential Wardrobe cowboy jacket is cool and trendy, but can also be nice and feminine with a pair of stilettos and a beautiful and feminine My Essential Wardrobe skirt. Only your imagination sets limits when you mix the different pieces that you have in your wardrobe.

The designers behind

Behind the beautiful designs you will find a philosophy that has taken into account that all women are created in their own way, that every woman is unique. There must be room for your very own personality. You will therefore also find the following motto as part of the design philosophy:

”Fashion that celebrates all female forms in effortless and timeless design”

My Essential Wardrobe is part of DK Company, which belongs among the leading fashion creators within Danish and European design for, among other things women.

Love for denim

The great love for denim cannot be hidden, and you will also find one cool denim design after another in the many exciting collections from My Essential Wardrobe.

The fashion clothes in these collections are designed for confident women with a passion for fashion. Here you will find styles designed to highlight your female forms in the best possible way - not only in denim, but in a multitude of other fashionable materials. And your wardrobe will no doubt love being brought up-to-date with beautiful creations from the ever-popular My Essential Wardrobe.

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