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At Fashion Fifteen, we have made it easy for you to find the entire large selection of Sloggi bras, as we have collected them all in one place - namely on this page. You therefore don't have to look elsewhere for your favorite bra model or the latest collections from the renowned German lingerie brand.

See all Sloggi bras on this page and treat yourself to new and delicious underwear that you can use for any occasion.

Sloggi bras – a classic with most women

The popular bras from Sloggi are known all over the world for their comfortable materials and qualities, which feel almost invisible on the skin. All the models are made of delicious quality materials in seamless designs, so you don't have to wear a bra that scratches and bothers you when you wear it. The fit is snug, so it sits perfectly around your bust and the elastic fabrics contribute to a comfortable bra that you hardly feel on your body when you wear it.

Sloggi bras are particularly known for their sporty and relaxing models, but over the years they have had a greater and greater focus on more feminine and seductive collections with sensual cuts. The combination of the soft materials that feel comfortable against the skin and the beautiful designs have made the Sloggi bra a must have in many women's underwear drawers.
Whether you are looking for a Sloggi bra with an underwire, without an underwire, a strapless bra, a bra with padding, a sports bra or another model, here on the site you will find a multitude of the many popular models, each of which will fit perfectly on any bosom.

With a Sloggi bra you are guaranteed a good fit

The good fit is the hallmark of all bras from Sloggi, and it is therefore not without reason that Sloggi has become a must have for many women. Sloggi is pampering that your bosom and body will love you for.

The soft materials are breathable, fit like a dream and there are no annoying labels or uncomfortable stitching to irritate the skin when you wear it. You can therefore use your Sloggi bra for any occasion, regardless of whether you have an active or a more relaxed day ahead.

Sloggi bras give you a freedom of movement in which you will feel free, light and comfortable, and you get rid of a bra that tightens, chafes and gives you marks on the skin.

The indispensable everyday bra from Sloggi

Sloggi is many women's favorite everyday bra, as it fits comfortably and supports the bust in the best possible way. The bras are a well-known classic that is used by many women, as the perfect fit ensures you a bra that sits as it should and gives the bust optimal support and comfort. All together something that few women will do without when wearing a bra.

In our large selection of Sloggi bras, you can find a sea of different models that suit every woman's body. You can therefore certainly also find a Sloggi bra that suits your wishes and needs, regardless of whether you are looking for an everyday bra, a sports bra or a bra with castle details.  

Always a large selection of Sloggi bras here at Fashion Fifteen

If you are looking for a well-fitting Sloggi bra, then you have come to the right place. At Fashion Fifteen, we always have a large selection of bra models that suit every female bust. With top-class products, you can be sure that no matter which bra from Sloggi you choose, it will keep its shape and will remain beautiful after both use and washing. Sloggi is a well-regarded brand in the market as they cater to customers' needs and preferences for lingerie.

At Fashion Fifteen, we are open 24 hours a day all year round, which makes it easy for you to shop online when it suits you. We deliver directly to your home within a few working days, so you can use your new purchases before long.