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Chantelle is now introducing the evolutionary period panty, which can be used as a replacement for or supplement to the well-known hygiene products. The panties are designed in soft, recycled microfiber and with a beautiful, upcycled lace. The panty looks confusingly like an "ordinary" panty in Chantelle's range, but contains properties that have not been seen before. The extra-long cotton wedge in three layers can absorb liquid for up to 12 hours, equivalent to the amount 4 tampons absorb. At the same time, the area will feel dry and fresh. The panty can be used both day and night.

- A washable and reusable period panty
- Absorbs liquid for up to 12 hours, equivalent to the amount 4 tampons can absorb
- Can be used every day during your period
- The breathable cotton wedge is designed with three layers, which absorb all liquid and hold
 the area dry and fresh and without smell
- The cotton gusset is longer than in other panties so it absorbs maximum liquid, and
 the woman can feel safe and protected both day and night
- All materials are either organic and natural or eco friendly and without
- The soft, elastic material lets the skin breathe
- No elastic edges - only glued edges that ensure invisibility under clothing
- The panty is designed to be used in min. 4 years