ICHI skirts

In our wonderful selection of ICHI skirts you will find skirts that match the trends and trends of the time. The feminine skirts can be used to create a selection of beautiful outfits. Whether you're looking for an ICHI skirt with print and pattern, a solid color skirt, a fitted skirt, a short skirt, a long skirt, a loose skirt or something else entirely, you've landed on the right page.

Our selection of ICHI skirts varies continuously according to the season and the latest trends. If you find an ICHI skirt that you can't live without, then don't wait too long to take the plunge.

ICHI skirts for every type of woman

ICHI skirts are and will be a hit. They can be styled in countless ways and are perfect for any occasion.

On this page you can find a large selection of different ICHI skirts that suit every type of woman of every age. If you are into colors and patterns, there is a sea of these. In addition, you can also find less colorful ICHI skirts. So there's sure to be a model or two that you'll love too.

Skirts are a popular piece of clothing with most women, as they can be used to put together a sea of different outfits. At the same time, a skirt is also a good alternative to a dress. With an ICHI skirt you can create a look for any occasion and they can be used all year round. ICHI skirts can be styled both for work, a visit to a café, a trip around town or a day at home.

ICHI skirts are created for women of all age groups and are characterized by a simple design with a unique touch. You will therefore find ICHI skirts full of beautiful details that you will love to wear.

Combine your ICHI skirt in endless ways

On this page you can find a sea of different ICHI skirts that suit you and your style. When it comes to styling your skirt from ICHI, the limits are really only your imagination and your style. Because ICHI skirts can be styled in many ways and with many colors. If you're going for a relaxed look, you can style your ICHI skirt with a pair of sneakers and a simple top such as a t-shirt. A pair of sneakers will be especially good with an ICHI denim skirt in either blue or black, which can give a more raw look. To complete your look, team the denim skirt with a shirt. This will give you a personal attitude without being too much.

If, on the other hand, you are going to a more formal or a more festive event, you can jump in a pair of stilettos instead. This will give your look a more feminine edge as well as make you look more formal. If you feel that your outfit just lacks the finishing touch, a pair of heeled shoes can do wonders for your ICHI skirt.

Use your ICHI skirt all year round

ICHI skirts are not just for summer. Skirts from ICHI can also be part of your wardrobe in the cold months. It's just a matter of combining your clothes correctly. On the cold days, for example, you can put on a pair of thick tights and a pair of boots. These can, for example, have a little edge so that your look doesn't look quite so cold. In addition, you can add a sweater or a knit. This will be both a warm outfit together with your ICHI skirt and at the same time it will be super trendy. If it's not yet quite cold enough for a warm knit, you can instead use the skirt together with a long-sleeved blouse or a shirt. Nobody says ICHI skirts are only for summer. Scarves and gloves can also be easily combined with your ICHI skirt when winter really arrives.