ICHI Dresses

ICHI Dresses are dresses for women in various designs and colors. What all dresses from ICHI have in common is that they are women's dresses in a simple and contemporary look mixed with both the raw and the feminine. ICHI dresses are therefore the perfect choice for you who want to look good for any occasion.

On this page, you have the opportunity to buy your next ICHI dress online. This means that in our large selection you have the opportunity to find dresses for both everyday life and for parties from the Danish fashion brand.

Beautiful ICHI dresses for everyday life and for parties

An everyday dress doesn't have to be boring. A boring everyday life is precisely where you can add color to the gray days by expressing your personal style through your clothes.

An ICHI dress is also the perfect basis for a festive outfit. You can therefore find versatile ICHI dresses that you can style in many different ways.

Here on the site you will find lots of dresses from ICHI for both everyday life and parties, and it is therefore up to you to assess what suits your routines and your personal taste best, regardless of the occasion need your dress for.

Dresses from ICHI in beautiful designs

Give your wardrobe an upgrade with ICHI dresses in beautiful, fashionable designs. Since 1999, the brand has designed dresses with fresh prints in great colors with a youthful look. The variety among ICHI dresses ranges widely. You will find everything from modern patterns to plain ICHI dresses. The dresses emphasize the female body in the finest way.

If you want a feminine look, an ICHI dress is the perfect choice for a nice outfit. Whether you are looking for a yellow, blue, purple, black or an ICHI glitter dress, you can find models, colors and designs that will fulfill your wishes. Our range of ICHI dresses gives you plenty of good excuses to invest in a new dress or two.

ICHI's dresses are often all one colour, have different printed handmade patterns or use other different design elements such as lace or frills. You will find everything from abstract patterns to the more classic ones like stripes or flowers.

So you can always find an ICHI dress that suits your style and personal taste.

Feminine ICHI dresses with beautiful cuts and decorative details

The feminine details are especially what characterize dresses from ICHI. This is reflected in their fine cuts, printed patterns and decorative details. The brand is also known for their smart stitching that creates a waist in the dresses so that they follow your body shape in the most beautiful way.

The materials are often light and airy and they are especially known for their light and very Nordic designs.

Many of the ICHI dresses are also available in different design variants. The same dress is available, for example, with bare shoulders, thin straps or with sleeves, which gives a different look, depending on which variant you choose. For example, it can also be sectional details that distinguish the different design variants. In addition, many of ICHI's dresses are also available in several different lengths.

Large selection of ICHI dresses online

With one or more ICHI dresses hanging in the closet, you will never have to wonder about clothing crises again - whatever the occasion you need another dress. The fine dresses can be used for any occasion, and you can easily dress up your ICHI dress with jewelery and other accessories.

ICHI always guarantees stylish dresses in their collections, which always manage to combine the latest trends and trends with fantastic comfort and fit. In addition, the Danish brand is not afraid to add colors, patterns and motifs to their dresses. The result is unique dresses that are aimed at you who will not settle for either quality or design, but for you who want both. With a dress from ICHI, only your imagination sets limits on how you can style your new favorite dress.

At Fashion Fifteen, we always have a wide selection of ICHI dresses. We continuously update our range so that you always have the opportunity to find a dress that meets today's trends and tendencies.