Karen by Simonsen blazer

A Karen by Simonsen blazer is indispensable in every woman's wardrobe. It can be worn over a party dress instead of a jacket, or worn at work with a shirt or t-shirt underneath. A Karen by Simonsen blazer gives you plenty of options.

Find your favorite blazer from the Danish fashion queen Karen Simonsen on this page. A new blazer is always a good investment for the wardrobe, as it can be used for any occasion, regardless of whether it is everyday or for a party.

Elegant Karen by Simonsen blazer

A women's blazer is essential in the wardrobe, as it elegantly emphasizes your personal style. Choose a Karen by Simonsen blazer that you can enjoy year after year. The possibilities are many, and we offer a wide selection of blazers from Karen by Simonsen, so you can be sure to find a blazer that fits your personal style well.

If your look at work is to be both elegant and trendy, a Karen by Simonsen blazer is the obvious choice. The blazer is a good alternative to a definite suit. Here at Fashion Fifteen, we offer a wide range of Karen by Simonsen blazers for women, so that regardless of style and occasion, you can definitely find a model that suits you and your personality.

Stylish and fashionable Karen by Simonsen blazers for all occasions

Here at Fashion Fifteen you will find a wide selection of Karen by Simonsen blazers for ladies , where you have the opportunity to decide the style yourself, regardless of whether it is for a party, work or everyday life. You will find Karen by Simonsen blazers in many different designs, from short, long and oversized to colorful, patterned or plain. A fashionable blazer from Karen by Simonsen gives you many stylish options and will fit right into your wardrobe, where it will easily dress your outfit up or down.

With a Karen by Simonsen blazer, you can put a personal touch on your style. For example, you can achieve a casual look by combining a Karen by Simonsen blazer with a pair of jeans and a trendy t-shirt. For the more festive occasions, the blazer from the Danish fashion designer can be combined with a pretty dress or a pair of matching trousers. No matter how you choose to style your Karen by Simonsen blazer, you can be sure that you will always walk out the door in style.

Karen by Simonsen blazers for everyday and parties

Be both casual and classic with one and the same blazer. You will find feminine, classic, sweet and festive blazers from Karen by Simonsen on this page. We have everything from blazers in bright and delicate summer colors to blazers in classic shades that suit any outfit. If you mostly wear blazers to work, we also have Karen by Simonsen blazer jackets in dark blue, black, white and grey, which go with both jeans and suit trousers.

Our range from the Danish fashion brand offers a sea of blazers that are patterned, checkered and plain. So you can be sure that there is a model for every type of woman. A white blazer is a stylish and feminine jacket, which is super cool to mix with a pair of smart jeans and a patterned top.

If you are more into colors and patterns, a checkered Karen by Simonsen blazer will definitely be just the thing. It's cool to break the classic look with a checkered blazer, which is at its peak on the catwalk right now. To avoid it being too bright, we recommend that you wear a plain colored blouse underneath. If you are looking for a favorite blazer that you will love to wear for any occasion, the Karen by Simonsen Sydney blazer is a clear favorite with many women.

Blazer from Karen by Simonsen – more than a classic suit jacket

As an alternative to the traditional cardigan or leather jacket, a Karen by Simonesen blazer creates a new look, depending on whether you go for a classic black blazer, the oversized one or choose a long model. Karen by Simonsen goes all in on blazers and loves both fits, colors and materials that can give the otherwise traditional blazer a new era.

A blazer has become a must have in every woman's wardrobe. At the same time, the clothing part has undergone a transformation, where cuts and fits in particular are today found in far more classic variants than the classic black, which is tailored and has long sleeves. A blazer from Karen Simonsen is more than just the classic suit jacket, and can be used for more than just the formal look. Style it with oversize jeans and a party top to create just the look you want. The selection of Karen by Simonsen blazers is versatile, so you have ample opportunity to create your own personal look.