Co'couture dresses

Among the many dresses you will find something for everyday use as well as for more festive events. The Danish design brand also makes simple and plain dresses, as well as designer dresses with beautiful patterns and unique details that will make you shine.

With a Co'couture dress you will feel extra feminine and beautiful. A dress from the Danish fashion brand, with all the beautiful details, helps to highlight your personal style and create an eye-catcher. Here, attention has been paid to the detail and the French finesse, which you will love to wear with style and class every single day and for every occasion.

Explore our large selection of Co'couture dresses and find your next everyday or party dress from the renowned Danish fashion brand.

Co'couture dresses for style- and fashion-conscious women

If you are a woman with a penchant for fashion, you will not regret buying one of Co'couture's many beautiful dresses. For many women, dresses have become a permanent part of the wardrobe, and with a Co'couture dress you are well dressed, no matter what the day offers. The selection is so wide that you will definitely be able to find one or more models that you will love to wear.

Our selection of Co'couture dresses includes everything from simple, plain models to the more colorful and daring models with great patterns, colors and prints. A Co'couture dress can be styled up or down so that it suits your personal style and for every occasion.

At Fashion Fifteen, we sell a large selection of beautiful Co'couture dresses. Take a look at this page and let yourself fall in love with your favorite from the renowned brand.

Co'couture dresses in the finest designs

The Danish brand Co'couture makes the finest dresses that suit every style and taste. The dresses are produced in the most beautiful colours, patterns and prints, which go on again and again. Especially the popular Sunrise dresses are a preferred favorite model with many women. Season after season, it is produced in new colors and designs that match the current trends and tendencies within the fashion world.

Co'couture are experts in creating dresses that are classic, Scandinavian and modern. With beautiful patterns and fine details, the dresses become completely unique. So regardless of whether you need an outfit for everyday life or for a party, you can definitely find a Co'couture dress that suits the occasion. You can find classic models that are perfect for everyday use with, for example, a pair of sneakers. The same dress can easily be dressed up and used for a festive evening by simply adding a pair of beautiful stilettos and matching jewellery.

Several annual collections with Co'couture dresses

Co'couture produces planned collections of dresses several times a year, but between each collection fashion can change direction. Here, Co'couture is ready to launch a quick express collection. In this way, you can always keep up with fashion and be part of the latest trends of the time, without having to compromise on quality. You can always find a dress for a specific event that you can enjoy season after season.

Co'couture strives to create dresses that bear the stamp of something unique, while at the same time having a classic overall look. You will always find fine patterns and prints in the most beautiful colors here in our range of Co'couture dresses.

Buy your next Co'couture dress online at Fashion Fifteen

At Fashion Fifteen, we have made it easy for you to shop the beautiful Co'couture dresses online. We have collected them all in one place - namely on this page. You therefore do not need to look elsewhere if you are looking for your next dress from Co'couture.

As a Co'couture retailer, we make sure that you always have something to choose from when you shop for dresses here with us. If you have questions about a specific model or are in doubt about size, we are ready to answer your questions. You can call us on 41 40 75 00 or send an email to

We deliver directly to your home within a few working days, so you can already start looking forward to wearing your new Co'couture dress.