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ICHI rain jackets

On this page you will find a wide selection of timeless, modern and functional ICHI rain jackets for ladies. Prepare your wardrobe for the violent rain showers that announce their arrival at all times of the year. Here we have collected a stylish selection of ICHI rain jackets for ladies that follow the trends and trends of the time and fashion.

Take a look at this page and make rainy days a little more fun with a nice ICHI rain jacket that ensures you don't get soaked when the black clouds really open up.

Find the perfect ICHI rain jacket in our selection

With the unpredictable weather we have in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia, a good rain jacket an indispensable piece of clothing in your outerwear wardrobe. In our selection of ICHI rain jackets, you are sure to find a model that suits you and your style.

On a rainy day, an ordinary weekday morning can suddenly seem completely unmanageable when you have to go out the door. But as long as you have a good quality rain jacket, you can get through even the wettest rain in one piece.

Here at Fashion Fifteen you can find a multitude of ICHI rain jackets, which are all made in good quality, and ensure you a nice and problem-free cycling or walking trip to or from work. The ICHI rain jacket can also be used as a spring or autumn jacket.

We have gathered here a selection from the Danish brand, which offers rain jackets in several different fashionable colours. So you have the opportunity to create a personal look with an ICHI rain jacket.

Use your ICHI rain jacket all year round

If you as a woman have an ICHI rain jacket hanging in your wardrobe, you are guaranteed practical and smart clothing throughout all year. You don't even have to use it only when it's raining. It is easy to fold up and carry in your bag, so you can quickly find it if the rain comes unexpectedly. It's easy to adapt the classic ICHI rain jackets to your outfit, so you still look trendy and smart.

Create yourself a delicious festival look or use it as outerwear when you are going to the playground with the children or a trip in the forest, where it doesn't matter if the clothes get a little dirty.

Creative outfit with your ICHI rain jacket

Although the weather can be dreary and grey, it doesn't have to affect your mood and your outfit. In our range of ICHI rain jackets you will find a selection of rain jackets in many beautiful colours. In this way, you can easily find a rain jacket that suits your personal style and expression. Perhaps you are looking for a nice yellow ICHI rain jacket? It could also be that you would rather have an army green jacket from ICHI? If you're more into the classic look anyway, then a black ICHI rain jacket is a stylish choice that matches the rest of your outfit, regardless of what you're wearing. It also has the advantage that it is not nearly as obvious if you should get dirty, and then it suddenly becomes even more fun to be outside - even if it is raining.

No matter which color ICHI rain jacket you choose, you are guaranteed a rain jacket that looks trendy while also completing your look.

Practical long ICHI rain jackets

With a long ICHI rain jacket, it is not just your upper body that is well protected from the rain. The long models also cover a large part of the thigh, so the upper part of your trousers is kept dry. You can also cycle without problems when wearing a long rain jacket from ICHI. The long models close with buttons, so you can easily unbutton the bottom of the jacket. This allows your legs to move freely when you pedal. The smart long ICHI rain jackets also have practical pockets with buttons that can keep your phone, keys and other important things dry in the rain. In addition, the rain jackets from ICHI also have a hood that you can pull up over your head when the rain is really pouring down. At the same time, it has laces with which you can close the hood so that it does not fall down when the wind really blows.